The Openfiler distribution is available as an installable ISO CD image to be deployed on bare-metal.

Installable images are available for x86_64 architectures.

Installation & Administration Guides

Please note that this version of Openfiler is a legacy product. 

Update: 3rd Dec 2018 - The kernel version in this downloadable ISO image possibly suffers from this Ext4 Filesystem bug

A newer kernel that mitigates the issue is not available because the update repository went offline in 2015 after SAS retired the rPath project. 

If you wish to deploy a commercially supported version of Openfiler please contact us


Openfiler NAS/SAN Appliance, version 2.99 

Arch type description download sha1sum
x86_64 ISO Image (x86_64) Installation ISO image (x86_64) Download Icon be3be005c9f0a6025731ab8c036dfb0188b0d9c2