1. What is iSCSI SAN-4-V ?

    The Open Source distribution of Openfiler comes with a basic iSCSI target functionality. The basic iSCSI target implementation in Openfiler is suitable for small-scale deployments where performance is not a critical factor. When you wish to deploy iSCSI as a backend for virtualization, the basic iSCSI target in Openfiler is constrained in delivery of a suitable level of performance in a multi-node cluster setting. Openfiler Commercial Edition (CE) iSCSI SAN-4-V is designed for production use in environments that demand high performance and strict standards compliance from backend storage. It comprises of a robust performance-oriented standards-compliant kernel iSCSI target implementation coupled with a front-end web-management interface. Deploying a feature-complete standards-compliant iSCSI storage area network could not be easier with integrated volume management and broad hardware support.

  2. How is iSCSI SAN-4-V licensed?

    Openfiler iSCSI SAN-4-V is licensed per installed instance and is available as a software feature in Openfiler Commercial Edition (CE).

  3. Is Openfiler iSCSI SAN-4-V Open Source?

    Most components comprising iSCSI SAN-4-V are not open source.

  4. Is the iSCSI SAN-4-V license perpetual?

    No. Openfiler iSCSI SAN-4-V is licensed, per installed instance, under an annual subscription license.

  5. I would like to purchase Openfiler CE with iSCSI SAN-4-V but do not have a Paypal account. What other methods of payment can I use?

    You do not require a Paypal account to complete the purchase. You may use any credit or debit card by entering details in the payment processing page. You may also pay via direct bank wire transfer. Please contact if you wish to pay via bank wire.

  6. Does Openfiler iSCSI SAN-4-V support my hardware?

    Openfiler iSCSI SAN-4-V is layered on top of the Linux-based Openfiler appliance software and is compatible with any industry standard network interface card running at 1GbE and 10GbE speeds. Drivers for newer hardware are available on request.

  7. Can I migrate from basic Openfiler iSCSI Target to iSCSI SAN-4-V?

    Yes. This can be achieved without data loss and does not require any changes to initiators accessing LUNs on the target.

  8. Will I lose any data when I migrate from basic Openfiler iSCSI Target to iSCSI SAN-4-V?

    No. There will be no data loss when migrating from basic Openfiler iSCSI Target to iSCSI SAN-4-V.

  9. Will I receive installation support?

    Yes. iSCSI SAN-4-V includes installation and migration support from basic Openfiler iSCSI Target.

  10. Does iSCSI SAN-4-V include a support plan?

    The iSCSI SAN-4-V license includes getting started support which covers installation and migration from basic Openfiler iSCSI Target. You are required to  purchase a support service plan to go along with your iSCSI SAN-4-V deployment. You may learn more about Openfiler commercial support options here:

  11. Are there any performance improvements with iSCSI SAN-4-V over basic Openfiler iSCSI Target?

    Performance improvement is significant. Openfiler iSCSI SAN-4-V can typically function at near wire-speed on 10gb Ethernet and Infiniband.

  12. Can I use Openfiler iSCSI SAN-4-V with VMware vSphere?

    Yes. iSCSI SAN-4-V is a standards-compliant iSCSI target implementation and is fully compatible with VMware vSphere for block-based backend storage. If deploying Openfiler in a production environment with VMware ESXi, Openfiler iSCSI SAN-4-V is required.

  13. Can I use iSCSI SAN-4-V with Windows Failover Cluster?

    Yes. Openfiler iSCSI SAN-4-V supports persistent reservations and passes Windows Failover Cluster validation. Persistent Reservations is a storage prerequisite for running Windows Failover Cluster. 

  14. Can I use iSCSI SAN-4-V with Citrix Xenserver?

    Yes. Openfiler iSCSI SAN-4-V is compatible with Citrix Xenserver and passes the Citrix Xenserver iSCSI backend storage test suite.

  15. Can I use iSCSI SAN-4-V with Microsoft Hyper-V?

    Yes. iSCSI SAN-4-V is an excellent high-performance solution for backend iSCSI block storage in Hyper-V deployments.

  16. Does iSCSI SAN-4-V support replication and failover?

    Yes. iSCSI SAN-4-V can be used with the Openfiler Cluster and Replication suite, delivering highly-available backend iSCSI Target storage for production mission critical deployments.

  17. What management functionality is provided with Openfiler iSCSI SAN-4-V?

    Openfiler iSCSI SAN-4-V comes with an intuitive web-based management interface that provides full management capability of iSCSI target export. This includes virtual disks management, target management, LUN mapping, LUN masking and portal configuration.

  18. How much storage can I manage and export to initiators with Openfiler iSCSI SAN-4-V?

    There are no capacity or initiator restrictions for the plugin. You may deploy as much storage as you wish to as many initiators as you want with no additional cost.